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Smile Planet FAQ

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you more insight about us and what we offer!!!
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What is SPEH all about?

Smile Planet Entrepreneurs Hub A.K.A SPEH is a duly registered organization registered in Nigeria with RC: 1532615, with the sole aim to create business solutions and guide Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) & startups businesses in order to enable them meet up with the daily dynamic in the business ecosystem through sustainable entrepreneurship Networking. Kindly click here Who We Are for more insight.

What is SPEH into?

Here at SPEH we operate and offer professional business solutions through our three (3) platforms. Kindly click on any one of the (solutions) below for more insight.

1. Services

2. Courses

3. Vocation

What role does SPEH play for a client

Our role depends on the specific nature of the assignment or rules of engagement that we are servicing for a client. Nevertheless, our role could largely be expressed as a Knowledge Partner in the field of entrepreneurship & business consulting for the client. We use our expertise in the subject matter of business consulting/management to leverage the same into business growth for the client. This could translate into an incremental quantity or quality of sales/Revenue, as the case may be.

What role is expected from the client

The client should be transparent and clear about the deliverables that they want from this association with us. All milestones should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. The client should not leave any ambiguity in their expectation matrix with us nor are they expected to leave any grey area. It is best advised that all interactions are sealed vide a written document with correspondent mails.

What is SPEH Scope of work?

The classification of the nature of our work can broadly be done as Consulting, Coaching, Survey, Audit, Ideation, Learning, Training, Development, Capacity Building and Business Strategy.

Do SPEH outsource sales for Clients?

We have a service called, Sales Incubation. You can outsource your sales department to us for a defined period wherein we incubate the introduction stage of a new product launch. Once the growth stage is reached, we hand over the sales department back to the client.

Types sales training SPEH offer?

Channels of Distribution, Modern Retail Trade, Direct Sales, Key Account Management and Industrial Sales.

What are the challenges in sales?

We find that the function of Sales Management is taken for granted in most enterprises. The function of Sales Management is generally not defined well-leaving a lot of grey areas in its implementation.

What are your charges?

We charge professional fees which are normally based on the number of man-hours that we need to invest for your assignment.

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Why do SPEH insist on 100% Ad. payment?

We insist on a 100% advance payment to enable us get the total commitment from client towards the job. To mitigate the risk of the client, we have 100% refund policy of money paid in case of a dissatisfied customer.

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What is Business Plan?

A business plan is a written statement that describes, analyzes and gives detailed projections about the business future. A business plan also covers the financial aspects of starting and expanding your business-how much money you need (capital) and how you'll pay back, how many persons you'll be working with (human resources), your skills and expertise (intellectual resources).

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What is Financial forecasts?

A financial forecast is an estimate of future financial outcomes for business through accurate data assumptions generated from feasibility studies in a given business of choice. Financial forecasts estimate future income and expenses for a business over a period of time. Which is done through Data Assumptions/Financial Statement, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

They are used to develop projections for profit and loss statements (Income Statement), balance sheets, burn rate, and other cash-flow forecasts.

Financial forecasts can use historical accounting and sales data, and external market and economic indicators, to predict what will happen to the company in financial terms over the given period of time.

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What are the training sessions like?

We have monthly training either for Course or Vocation depending on your area of interest per time. Kindly click on the link pages below;

1. Courses

2. Vocation

What is B.E.C?

B.E.C is an acronym for Business & Entrepreneurship Course, a hands-on training that will guide and help you either as an entrepreneur or 8-5 job holder to gain insight & in-depth knowledge on how to run & manage your day to day business transaction, build sustainable system to create mutual wealth (profit) through your idea in form of product or service.  

When can I take the training?

After your registration (Fee) is confirmed, you would receive your personalized training details which will be sent to you, with a follow-up call from our training department. And you will make your choice [convenience] of the session you wish to enroll for either Full-time or Part-Time.

Benefits of B.E.C program?

  • Free Business Plan
  • Business Accounting
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Basic Digital Marketing Skills
  • Business Emotional intelligence 
  • Business Checklists and templates
  • Free business coaching for 30days
  • Certificate for Entrepreneurship training
  • How to access Business grants/investors
  • 360 Degree Business Solutions Coaching
  • Business Mapping practical Workbook 1 & 2
  • 14 days Social Media handles Audit & Management for your Business/Idea.

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Where does it hold?

It holds in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano, Enugu, Uyo, Edo & Delta for now. You can take lessons and take assessments from anywhere in the above-listed states and online subscription. For further details kindly call +2349098002014

Will I get certificate for training?

Absolutely yes!!! You will be issued a certificate of completion which will serve as proof that you have successfully gone through the B.E.C program.

Do I need a special device?

No, you don't. Your Investment fee covers writing materials/practical workbooks and a 360° Work materials. But if you have a laptop or any other mobile devices you feel will aid your performance you are kindly encouraged to use it through the class. Note it’s not mandatory.

Will I have time for training material?

Yes, all participants have a 30days mentoring, after the end of the session either Full-Time or Part-Time to go through their materials and ask for clarifications/guides within work hours 8 AM-4 PM.

How do I know if B.E.C is met for me?

Absolutely yes. Our approaches to teaching work for every kind of person who has an interest in business or has an idea he or she may wish to bring to being. Be it at any stage [Idea or Existing] whether you sell products, services or training. It would work for you! All that is required is your will-power and definition of purpose.

What if I am just starting out?

Whether you have been in business for decades or you are just starting or you are about to start your business. B.E.C would certainly work for you. Because we understand the daily challenges facing both exiting or start-up businesses in our business eco-system. We all at one point or the other was in your current state.

How can I make my money (fee) back?

We are 100% sure you will on the bases you practically deliberately implement all you will be taught during the training program without any form of procrastination because we will show you the results in our business and from past participants' businesses. Your personal level of self-discipline, commitment, and other variables play 99.9% of your success. But all our past participants have practical proofs and positive results to show. So we sure you will definitely not be different or do you think you will? NO of causes.

What are your social Media Handles?

 Kindly click on any of the Social Media below;






Do SPEH write Business Plan?

Yes, Our professionals will be able to provide you with this support. Where possible we encourage you to attempt drafting your plans first, as this will help your assigned business coach to get a better understanding of you and your business. But don’t worry, if you’ve never done this before and want some guidance before you get started, this is absolutely fine.

Who is a mentor and how will it benefit me?

A mentor is an experienced individual who can provide you with support and guidance as you go about building your business. As exciting as it is, starting a business can also be both lonely and overwhelming, particularly in the early stages, so it can be very beneficial to have someone with experience, expertise and a different perspective to talk with. A mentor will not tell you how to run your business; instead, they will assist you in learning how to make plans and strategies that will enable you to make the right decisions for your business.

How will I get mentoring support?

Ultimately, this is up to you and your mentor to decide based on what works for you both. Some of our customers receive mentoring face to face, meeting up at an external venue like a café, while others are happy to receive a phone call, have a video conference (via Skype or other) or correspond via email. You can discuss this with your mentor at your first session. Please note, face to face mentoring cannot be guaranteed in all instances.

How can I be part of SPEH TEAM?

It’s through three (3) ways which are

  1. Facilitator
  2. Volunteer
  3. Vacancy Opening

Kindly click on either 1 or 2 to register!!!

Is Smile Planet Group of Companies?

Yes, we are Smile Planet is our group name that houses all Two (2) of our business solution companies and a Foundation for now. Which are?

 Smile Planet Facility Management Company Limited www.smileplanetltd.com

 Smile Planet Entrepreneurs Hub Limited www.smileplanetef.org

Smile Planet Foundation www.smileplanetf.com


My question was not listed above, why?

The above FAQ was randomly picked, kindly send us a mail via mails@smileplanetef.org or call +2349098002014 during work hours 8 AM-4 PM daily for any area of clarifications you may desire thanks.