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Business Consulting

You can entrust us with the planning and implementation of your business growth tasks to us because we make it our business to grow your business.

Here at SPEH, we offer professional Comprehensive Business Analysis for your business with key Focus on Financial Statements, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flow Statements as key tools. At least two periods of information are required for analysis. A period can be a month, quarter or a year. Monthly analysis is recommended for companies less than 3 years old. Quarterly reports are recommended for companies over 3 years old.



  • Financial Ratios
  • Financial Metrics
  • Narrative Report
  • Projection Report
  • Common Size Data
  • Projection Narrative Report
  • Revenue and Profit Budget
  • Industry Benchmark Report
  • Industry Comparison Report
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Comprehensive Business Analysis


  • To provide objectivity & clarity
  • Revive & Reposition your business
  • To teach and train employees (Staff)
  • Infuse team creativity & productivity
  • To improve Management and strategy
  • To guide and implement best practices
  • To Analyze Your Business & Create Solutions


We will be glad to light up your dream project/idea with you! Or you just need our service?

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