September 21, 2019 at 09:00:00 AM
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Suit BA 11, Apo Spark Mall, Opp.Living Faith Church Durumi II By Area 3 Junction, Abuja.

ENTREPRENEURS ORBIT 2.0 is specially designed just for you with one ultimate goal in mind, which is for you to have a business paradigm shift to enable you create value through your idea/business. This business seminar is to guide SMEs business owners (you) on how to build business cash flow system, through their product/service which in turn bring increase in sales (income) Success in business is a SCIENCE, just as to be successful in life is also a PRACTICAL science that also demands input(Value) & output (result), which when deliberately studied, followed & applied will surely yield the desired result because we live in an orderly universe that is been governed by defined LAWS & PRINCIPLES such as the law of CAUSE & EFFECT which states that nothing happens by accident, we also have the law of THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NOTHING FOR SOMETHING because at every point in time the ultimate principle of GIVE & RECEIVE must be ad-headed to either conscious or unconscious. This brings about the ultimate question? what VALUE (product & services) do you have to exchange (GIVE) in order to bridge the gap between your costumer's desire & satisfaction to make you (RECEIVE) their payment (MONEY). If you have what it takes to create value through your product & services, do you truly have what it takes to make a client pay you???? This and lot more will be unveiled to you in Entrepreneurs Orbit 2.0 by our facilitators with a lot of wealth experience which will cover areas such as; Business branding. Business Paradigm shift. How to pitch & niche business idea. Business Taxation & Rule of engagement. Ways to start a business without capital. Ways to increase sales & double your income. See you thereā€¦. From Orukpe Ofure Abraham (Convener) Powered by SMILE PLANET Entrepreneurs Hub

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