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IC3 Certification


IC3 Certification – Internet & Computing Core Certification.


IC3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification) is the first globally accepted, standards-based, validated certification program for basic computing skills and is often the first certification individuals pursue to show competence in computer skills.

Becoming IC3 certified demonstrates that you possess the knowledge required for the basic use of computer hardware, software, and the internet. It has become the defector qualification needed to join any workforce.

It demonstrates that you can manage information and use efficiently modern tools for information processing.

Course Prerequisite: Non


Government Employees; Office Assistants; Information Managers; Employees seeking professional development; Teachers; Employers looking to validate skills of employees; Everyone seeking to gain a working knowledge of computers, MS-Office suite of productivity and the Internet.


Show the world that you are competent to use modern office tools to improve business productivity. At the end of the training, participants can function comfortably and adapt to modern technology in the workplace.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: Covers A Foundation Understanding Of Computing

TOPICS COVERED: Identifying Computers; Elements of a Personal Computer; Looking at Memory; Working with Storage System; Using Inputs & Output Devices; Basic Troubleshooting techniques; Working with hardware; Buying a computer; Looking at software; Choosing an Application Program; Looking at operating system; Looking at Windows Desktop; Starting Windows Applications; Looking at Files and Folders; Using the Recycle Bin; Customizing System Settings; Using the Control Panel; Installing and uninstalling programs.



COURSE OBJECTIVES: Covers popular word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications and the common features of all applications.

TOPICS COVERED: Getting Started with Programs; Understanding the Screen; Working with Files; Creating Documents; Manipulating Text; Formatting Text; Setting Tabs and Indents; Proofing a Document; Formatting the Document; Printing Documents; Working with Headers and Footers; Using Publishing Format Tools; Working with Styles; Applying Columns; Using Hyperlinks; Working with Graphics; Working with Tables; Sharing Information with others; Protecting Documents; Working with Excel Workbooks; Manipulating the Information; Working with Formulas and Functions; Formatting a Worksheets; Using the Miscellaneous Tools; Working with Charts; Printing the Worksheets; Working with Presentations; Setting up the Presentation; Working with Text; Working with objects; Enhancing the Presentation; Bringing it All Together.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: Covers Skills For Working In An Internet Or Networked Environment

TOPICS COVERED: Networking Fundamentals; Understanding Electronic Communications; Using MS outlook 2016/19; Creating New Messages; Receiving Messages; Attaching Files; Working with Contacts; Using the Internet; Understanding the World Wide Web; Using a Web Browser; Using the Information from the Web; Downloading Information; Customizing the Web Browser; Searching for Information; Qualifying the Information; Identifying Ethical Issues; The Risks of Computing; Using the Internet Responsibly

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