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Capacity Building

Here at SPEH, our capacity-building professional programs are of best international standard which is designed/ tailored to meet our client's request and fits into all sectors with the sole aimed at improving skills for carrying out key functions, solving problems, defining and achieving set personal or organizational objectives.


INDIVIDUAL CATEGORY: Our professionals provide Human Resources Development, Staff Training/Coaching, Leadership training, Career program/Skills acquisitions which are aimed to improve expertise & skills of employees and volunteers. In this Individual Category, capacity building involves finding information, gaining insights, changing perceptions, values, Practical Skills, Attitude Reflection, Sabbaticals, Work/Life Balance, LifeStyle, Risk-taking, Professional Support Network, and Paradigm Shift.

ORGANIZATION CATEGORY: Our profession program in this category is aimed to strengthening organization’s capacity through its Vision, Mission, Core Values, Emotional intelligence, Counterproductive Work Behavior, Culture ,Daily Work Flow Chat, Planning, Implementation, Revenue & Sales, Budgeting, Costing, Business Canvas Model, Organizational behavior/ performance, key performance indicator employee interaction, leadership and managerial styles, Internal & External Perspective, Bullying , Teams, Personality, Work-Family, Bureaucracy, Managerial roles, Sexual harassment etc.

In order to meet & achieve its organization’s objective for the overall benefit for the Owners, Management, Creditors, Regulatory Agencies, Government, Potential Investors, Employees, and Researchers.

INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Our professional Teamwork with organizations from both the public and private sectors to strengthen their institutional, Relationship within & outside their broader environment, networks of partner organizations, individual professionals , legislation and regulations (the “rules”), “politics”,  Human Capacity by assessing, analyzing individual and institutional performance factors. The concept of institutional development and capacity building is largely based on perceiving organizations as adaptive systems and taking systemic approaches to identify and analyze any existing performance gaps.

We Offer:

  • Policy advising
  • Corporate development
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Infrastructure development
  • Public Relations and Communication
  • Institutional development and capacity building


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